Inspiring Growth through Internalization

internalizationNigeria is a blessed country with abundant natural resources and human capital; however it is rather worrying that over 80% of the populace live below the poverty line.

If you flip through  television channels or read the newspapers, we Nigerians are masters at articulating the ills and problems of the nation; we hear the usual rhetoric about bad governance, poor policies, corruption and other societal bane that cripple us as a nation; but when asked what we are specifically doing to effect a change most Nigerians often times have no concrete response.

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Our Inspiration.

Nigeria is undergoing a transformative period of Change. Change in a new Government. Change in our attitude and direction for Nigeria. At LegendArk we have come up with an astounding new Impact Investment Programme with a simple goal:

‘Identify 1000 creative people from
1000 underserved Nigerian communities and market their
unique products on our e-commerce platform. (Coming Soon).